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Maíra Mesquita, Production Designer, Brazilian

Maíra Mesquita is production designer of important Brazilian feature films, having collaborated with Lillah Halla in “Levante”, Daniel Bandeira in “Propriedade”, Gabriel Mascaro in “Boi Neon”, Marcelo Caetano in “Corpo Elétrico” (in addition to several short films and the series “Hit Parade” and “Notícias Populares”), among others. She is formed in cinema (FAAP) and designed several short films, notably “Os Sapatos de Aristeu” and “Vaca Profana” (both by René Guerra) and “Starry Day” (Nara Normande). Her trajectory transits through other languages, whether as an production designer or as an author. In recent years, she has also dedicated herself to a master's degree at ECA-USP on the colors of production design as emerging from its criative process.

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